Triglochin maritima

  • Triglochin maritima

Triglochin maritima

Product Description

Seaside arrow-grass

This herbaceous perennial grows 2-3’ tall and works well in a pond setting in the native garden.  The purple spike of flowers emerges summer through fall.

After bloom, the long, ropey seed head catches your attention and adds an attractive vertical element in the landscape.

Found in brackish and saltwater marshes, this plant tolerates salty soils.

Sun: Full Sun

Water: Light, Moderate, High

Soil: Clay, Loam, Sand[/info]

Other: Attracts Birds, Erosion Control


Additional Information

Ecological Value

Seeds provide food for birds.

Historical Uses

Seeds have been roasted and used as a substitute for coffee.


Native to California and also found elsewhere in North America and beyond.


Between 0 and 7500 feet


Coastal Salt Marsh


Brackish marsh plains