Pseudognaphalium californicum

/Pseudognaphalium californicum

Pseudognaphalium californicum


California Everlasting

A biennial or short-lived perennial about 2′ tall.

A pioneer plant that helps to prepare a site and aid in the establishment of longer-lived plants in the native landscape.

The green foliage has a cumin-like fragrance; creamy-white flowers summer to fall are used in dried and fresh flower arrangements.

Attractive companion plants: Sagebrush, Coyote brush, and Buckwheat. Well suited for an informal, cottage style garden.

The American Painted Lady Butterfly uses this plant as food for its larvae.

Previously named Gnaphalium californicum.

Sun: Full Sun

Water: Dry, Light, Moderate

Soil: Clay, Sand, Rocky

Other: Attracts Butterflies, Drought Tolerant

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