Mimulus cardinalis
Mimulus cardinalisMimulus cardinalis

Mimulus cardinalis

Scarlet monkeyflower

This herbaceous creeping perennial grows 3’ tall by 2’ wide.

The very showy red tubular flowers are important for humming birds.

Scarlet monkeyflower inhabits shady, wet places and will provide abundant flowers July –October.

The seeds will self sow.


Sun: Full Sun, Part Shade, Shade
Water: Moderate, High
Soil: Clay, Loam, Sand
Other: Attracts Butterflies, Deer Resistant
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Additional Information

Ecological Value

Tolerates serpentine soils. Used as food for several butterfly and moth species.

Historical Uses

Mimulus species tend to concentrate sodium chloride and other salts absorbed from the soils in which they grow in their leaves and stem tissues. Native Americans and early travelers in the American We


native to California and is also found outside of California, but is confined to western North America.


Between 0 and 8000 feet


Yellow Pine Forest, Red Fir Forest, Lodgepole Forest, Subalpine Forest, Foothill Woodland, Chaparral, Valley Grassland, many plant communities, Wetland-riparian


Mainly grows along streams and in other moist or wet places in the mountains, but sometimes be found at lower elevations.