Lepechinia calycina

  • Lepechinia calycina

Product Description

Pitcher sage

This semi-evergreen shrub grows to 3′ tall and 4-5′ wide and is best known for its soft and hairy, strongly fragrant leaves and long racemes of showy white flowers blushed with lavender.

Plant performs beautifully when massed along a path with California poppies, Blue-eyed grass, and Mules ears.

This plant is drought tolerant, but needs good drainage.  Plant in sun to partial shade.

Sun: Full Sun, Part Shade

Water: Dry, Light

Soil: Clay, Loam, Sand

Other: Attracts Birds, Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant


Additional Information

Ecological Value

Provides nectar for hummingbirds.

Historical Uses

The Miwok used an extract of the leaves of this plant to treat fever and headache.


Endemic to California.


Between 0 and 3000 feet


Chaparral, Foothill Woodland


Dry slopes